Sergio Bambaren
Sergio Bambaren

Sergio Bambaren Roggero was born the first day of December of 1960 in Lima Peru. Educated in a British High School, Sergio has been captivated from his early years by the ocean, having been born in a city tha meets the sea. This would influence him for the rest of his life, and put him in a journey he would have never expected: to become a writer.

His spirit of traveling took him to America, where he graduated as a Chemical Engineer at Texas A&M University. However, the ocean was still his gratest love, and traveling gave him the opportunity to go surfing to places such as Central America, Mexico, California, and Hawaii. After a bried stay in the country in which he was born, Sergio decided to migrate to Sydney, Australia, where he worked as a Sales Manager for a multinational company; however, he also managed to travel the Southeast Asia and African coast in search of the perfect wave. Legendary places like Bali, Nias, Jeffrey’s Bay, Agadir in Morocco and the Philippines, as well as Australia and New Zealand were part of his surfing travels.

After several years in Australia, Sergio took a sabbatical and travelled to Europe in search of perfect wwave. It was in Portugal, in a wonderful beach surrounded by pine forest called Guincho, that Sergio found the purpose of his life and a very special friend. A lonely dolphin that gave him the inspiration to write his first novel “The Dolphin, The Story of a Dreamer.” After he returned to Sydney, an offer to publish his book was made by Random House Australia. However, Sergio felt that the changes that he Publishing Company wanted to make to the manuscript would change the essence and the message of the book itself. After not been able to reach an agreement, he decided to self-publish his book in Oz. This happened in 1996.

Studdenly everything in Sergio’s life changed. He sold more than 100,000 copies of “The Dolphin” in Australia in less than a year. The dream to become a writer was finally starting to become true. “The Dolphin” has now been translated into 40 lenguages and dialects, including Russian, Cantonese, Japanese, Latvian, Croatin, Hebrew and Slovakian… Similar experiences has happened to his other novels “Beach of dreams”, “Distant Winds”, “Iris”, “Samantha”, “The Guardian of the light”, “Thoughts by the ocean”, “Tales from the heavens”. More than 20 books published in different languages or about to be published.  His books are in more than seventy countries.

The Australian-Previan author closed a deal with Planeta Publishers to publish all his books in Spanish and Portuguese. The author also closed a deal with Hay House Publishers to release his novels in the English language worlwide (USA, Canda, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India).

In mid-2009 Twenty Century Fox took “The Dolphin” into the big screen. The movie was shorlisted for the Oscar’s.

Sergio’s awareness of the ocean and the desire for protection of all cetaceans has made him Vice-President of the Ecological organization DELPHIS, and travels constantly in his efforts to preserve the oceans and the creatures that live in it.

Sergio currently lives in North of Peru, where he spends his days surfing surrounded by dolphins, something that gives him the inspiration to write and share his thought with who have decided to take the same path in life that he has adopted.

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