Please, let me take the liberty to ask you, straight into your heart, into your soul, into your mind, and be totally sincere with yourself:

Are you living a life that you feel have true meaning, the life that you always wanted to live?

Are you living a life that feels empty, and no matter how many material possessions you own, the emptiness will still won ́t go away?

Do you wake every morning with a smile in your face, and feel that the day that awaits you will be an adventure worth living? Or maybe you wake up because you have to?

Do you wake up every morning just hating your job?

Do you feel that your life has become an endless routine, ad feel you are just living as most of the rest does?

Do you feel that there is an inner voice, deep inside of you, craving for you to do something to recover the smile of the child you once were? A voice that makes you feel uncomfortable?

We can lie to everyone, but we cannot lie to ourselves, at least not forever. We can keep the life we are currently leaving, but if we don ́t wake with a smile in our face, if we hate our job, if the emptiness that we feel won ́t go away…

It ́s time to do something It’s time to wake up.

And stand up.
All hands on deck. This is not a drill.
The future of our lives and dreams is at stake!

Sergio Bambaren


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