What inspired me to write THE DOLPHIN …

What inspired you to write “The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer”? 

I wrote “The Dolphin” due to a personal crisis I had while living in Australia. I was living a life that lack purpose, even though I was a very “successful” man in the eyes of my peers, I made a 180-degree change in my lifestyle, and went in search of the true purpose of my life. Close to the ocean, where I always feel my best, I experienced a catharsis that finally turned into a short novel called “The Dolphin.” Once I finished writing it, I felt I had become again the person I had always been: a true dreamer. 

Is it true you gave up a lucrative career to follow your dreams?
Yes. That was the personal crisis I was talking about. I was a very successful general manager of a well-known U.K company, but no matter how many major business deals I closed, my spiritual life was in ruins. So, after many years, while closing a business deal with some Asian entrepreneurs in a hotel in Singapore, I heard the voice of my heart: “Either you leave this golden cage you have locked yourself in now, or you will never again be able to live the life you always wanted to live.” So I ran to the business office of the hotel and sent a fax to my office headquarters to let them know I was quitting my job. 

How can dolphins help us live our dreams?
Dolphins, like any other beautiful thing that surrounds us, can help us live a fulfilling life. It’s just a matter of reprogramming the “chip” in our mind and seeing beauty where others see only habits created by the society we live in. Beware of how you see the world, because the world will be exactly as you see it: the change has to occur deep within your mind and your soul. 

Why do so many people let fear get in the way of living the life of their dreams? How can they overcome their limitations as you did? 
If I, a simple and common human being, could make of my life a song of joy and hope, anyone can do it. But first you have to stop being afraid. Fear of the unknown can paralyze anyone. But ask yourself: if I try to live the life I always wanted to live, and I fail, what is the worst that can happen? NOTHING! But without even realizing it, you will feel much better, because you know you gave it your best shot, because sooner or later the day will come that you will look back and regret that you never even gave [yourself] a chance to live the life you always wanted to live. 

Why has your book been such a phenomenon worldwide? Over 10 million copies sold! 
For two reasons, I believe. First, I wrote it without even thinking about publishing. It just came from my heart; and secondly, I never write a book thinking how commercial it will be or how many copies it will sell. I write what I feel, no matter what publishers might think. Put passion and soul to what you do. The rest, I believe, will just come as a consequence. 

Who should read “The Dolphin,” and what will they get from it? 
Children aged four to one hundred years. Those who, no matter what they appear to be in the outside world, deep in their hearts know that you are not obliged to live the life others tell you should to live, but the life you always dreamt to live. Cross the crystal walls, understand that fear is just a state of mind, and nothing else. If you overcome it, you will see a world as you never have seen it before. A wonderful world where everything is possible, if you truly want it to be possible.

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