Thanks to my wonderful German Publishing House PIPER VERLAG, and its amazing crew, “Der Träumende Delphin,” my first book, will be re-launched 24.02.2022 with a beautiful new hard-cover and content. 

I never imagined that a small book that was supposed never to be published (life works in strange but wonderful ways), changed my life forever, and at the same time gave me the biggest present I could get: to help millions of other human beings change their lives forever, by making their dreams come true, by just putting in words what many were already thinking, just like me. Giving, without ever asking for anything in return. 

And yet, I realized, together with my German Publishing House, that this book that I wrote, had not accomplished its full potential to help us believe, and start dreaming, once again. 

We are living behind difficult years that changed our world forever. This horrible pandemic that touched every single human being´s life took away from us family members, friends, and much more. Many of those who survived lost all faith, and millions of millions of people around the world experienced anxiety and depression as they had never before. Millions of jobs were lost. Millions of dreams never came true. 

Yet, nothing lasts forever. Sooner than later the sun will shine again. And from the heart and soul of a humble human being like me, I am convinced that we need books like “Der Träumende Delphin” for all human beings, regardless of age, to start believing once again. We all need to start dreaming again, and make our dreams come true. No matter what your age is, or how good or bad you have been able to cope with this virus, we need to spread hope once again. Let´s help each other to change this world into a better world where we can dream together again. A happy world. 

At least I will do it, trying to spread once again hopes and dreams that will come true by sharing my work with you. “If you have read “Der Träumende Delphin” and you know someone that has not, then please preorder this book in your bookstore or through Amazon and other viral networks. Spread the word. Tell your friends about it. I could never do it without your support. If you help me, the message of a humble dreamer will be heard in every corner of the world. And for those who really know me, my only wish is to help others, especially for the new generations and the ones to come, the same way that a very special dolphin helped me remember my dreams, my purpose in life, and how to live life to the fullest. 

Let’s make a better world filled with love and light.
Let´s once again make our dreams come true.
Let´s listen to the voice of our hearts once again.
Let´s be brave and conquer our fears, so we can discover the true purpose of our lives.  

I want to say: THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART to every one of you for helping me make a better world. A world where happiness will prevail, forever. 

Preorder now possible on:äumende-Delphin-magische-Reise-selbst/dp/3492071325/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1641644969&sr=8-1

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