Can we grow younger?

As some countries cautiously start to open their borders after controlling the world pandemic, and others keep struggling to beat the virus, and some are yet to see the worst of it, I sat in front of the ocean, feeling the pain that many still suffer around the world. 

And yet, lost in my thoughts while the sun is about to kiss the ocean far in the horizon, words come from my heart. At the beginning they didn´t make sense:

Can we grow younger?

It takes time to digest thoughts that come directly from your heart without visiting your brain. Moments of enlightenment we all experience once in a while throughout our lives.

I close my eyes and start thinking about what my heart has just whispered to my soul. I can only hear the waves crashing against the rocks, the warmth of the sun in my skin, the soft wind silently caressing me. I have lost contact with the world of humans. I am only with myself. And that is the precise moment when I can understand words that meant nothing just minutes before.

Of course, we can grow, and yet feel younger! It´s just a matter of getting out of the box and visiting the kingdom where nothing is impossible: the kingdom that dwells inside of each of us. That place where dreams are created, just to return to the real world to make them come true. Imagine a world where age doesn´t matter, a world full of young hearts! Love, tenderness, serendipity, joy and happiness, they are all timeless. We have to learn to see matters that you cannot see with your eyes. Feelings that will accompany throughout your life. Our human body will get weaker as we age, but nothing else will, if that is the path we choose to follow. So, I truly believe that now that we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of these difficult times we have had to endure, the time is perfect to learn the lesson, and grow younger. Make a better world. Never forget those that are already gone because of this tragic virus and start again to become human beings as a tribute to all of them. We need to get together more than ever, for if we don´t, we will never be able to fix world issues in peace and harmony.

Learn to grow younger! 

Trust me, you will never regret it!

…a dreamer…

2 thoughts on “Can we grow younger?

  1. Teressa Tess 17. May 2021 — 17:06

    Pensamientos hermosos, para añadir a nuestro aprendizaje.

    Liked by 1 person

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