What is the future I dream of?

The future will belong to all those with a young heart, in all corners of the world. Yet, never forget that what awaits you, or what you left behind, are small matters compared with the moment that is now and the new world what we should create. 

I hope that the future will make us feel our humanity once again, for I have witnessed through my travels amazing technologies with no hearts, and yet in this difficult times they help us live a better life if we use them well, they help us connect with our beloved ones that we are not able to see. So think carefully: Do you want technology to serve you, or do you want to be a prisoner of it? 

Do we spend more and more time watching screens? Big and small ones. Our loneliness makes us look for shelter in places that will only make us feel even lonelier. 

But no matter how long we stare, our emptiness will grow, for we cannot hug or touch what we can only see. 

The future is what we create. So think carefully about what you want the future to be before it is too late. Give glass screens with no soul the importance they deserve, and not more. 

Surround yourself with hearts that blossom like flowers, and let yourself be touched in everyday life by thoughts, nature, words, books and gestures and in the near future again with people and friends. Search for the perfumes of life, share ideas with those worth sharing them with. For indeed I can tell you that the future will sometimes scare you; stay foolish and take risks, for if you don’t, your days will become a daily routine that will slowly kill you, even if you are still able to walk and breath: yesterday will feel like today and tomorrow will be the same. Touch, feel, hug, look for company.

Staring at a cold, colorful screen for too long will steal your most precious gift: your time: 

Is that what you want in the future for your life?

I have always known that I won’t be here forever, but I also have learned that I should live every day as it was the last one. Life can change in an instant, we have seen it now with this virus we never imagined would touch everyone´s life,  and everything that you planned will take more time to arrive. Find mental, emotional, and spiritual happiness today, not tomorrow, for the future is built today. Try to live a healthy life, not only physically but, most importantly, mentally. Try to keep your inner balance. Enjoy technology, tools that will give a purpose to your priceless time. Let your heart fly free and feel what it needs to be felt, be it good or bad. Don’t surrender to a comfortable life, just live a simple and beautiful one. 

Though no one can go back in time and change what was done, surely anyone can start a new life right now and create an incredible new world. 

… a dreamer …

2 thoughts on “What is the future I dream of?

  1. I dream , I dream, …. my dream is a place by the sea where I can listen and talk to soul of the sea.
    where my family breath the peace and we all let time passing slow…. where dogs play with seagulls, where thoughts flow as a sailing boat with no limit of flowing

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