Naturlove …

Let the pure breeze touch your body, let the sun of green fields or the white sands of pristine beaches perfume and warm your skin. Learn to breathe slowly, once again, and observe the rhythm of what surrounds you, for nothing is running fast, and everything has its own natural pace. Walk barefoot and feel the soil and grass under your feet. Listen to the music of crashing waves, the song of a bird, even the flapping wings of a beautiful butterfly. Remember what you knew long ago.

Rediscover your essence and who you really are. Renew yourself and recover your peace. Forget everything that is not real. Nature has a magical scent, a healing effect that cannot be found anywhere else. It dwells in every flower, every tree, every animal, be it big or small. We could spend hours just staring at a sunset, or watching the light of a fire, feeling its warmth. It is in these moments of illumination that our soul makes us remember where we all come from, and in peace and tranquility, your heart whispers words of understanding that only the soul can listen. In Nature, you will find spiritual richness that cannot be found anywhere else.

Words from my latest book THE MESSENGER (DER BOTE, IL MESSAGGERO, El Mensajero)

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