It hit us from nowhere, and worst, we were not prepared.I still remember clearly those days at the beginning of 2020 when a small tiny virus hit us from nowhere. It started in China, in a “wet market,” as they call those places where humans traffick with wild animals, and even worst, they eat them alive. They take them illegally from the safety of their natural forests, where they live a quiet and peaceful life in the rhythm of Nature. Greediness, lack of humanity, some humans playing to be God: the perfect cocktail for what was about to come. And Nature said: “enough is enough.” Thanks to the cruelty and greediness of a few, the whole world had to go back into the shadows. The virus spread uncontrollably. Different countries tried to fight back in different ways, but the result was the same. There was only death and sorrow. Yet, a simple solution seemed at least to stop the spread of the virus: wear a mask, wash your hands, avoid the crowds. We even had to lock ourselves in our homes, while the animals finally roamed free, came to our cities, not asking for forgiveness, but to remind us that this planet is also their home. Like the wonderful kid in the photograph, our inner child felt lost in the shadows of darkness, not knowing if to go right, or left, to move forward, or retreat. We were totally lost. We felt confined into cages, as we do with other creatures all around the world, in zoos, dolphinariums, etc. We finally felt what they have been feeling for centuries: the confinement, the fear, the lack of freedom, not knowing why they had been taken from their beautiful forests and placed in a cage until they die. Just like the humans dying in hospitals, without even being able to say good-bye to their loved ones. Humanity at its worst…Do you follow what I am trying to express in these simple words?Thanks to millions of brave doctors, nurses, the policeman that took care of us, risking their own lives when we were totally lost and defenseless after millions died. And who knows, how many more will live with the damage done to their bodies for the rest of their lives? These human beings are the real heroes. Humanity at its best…Finally, hard-working scientists and many others have been able to find a cure, and in the next months, hopefully, we will return to the life we always gave for granted. But there is a big question still lingering in the wind: Have we learned the lesson? I just hope that the next time, when we have to wash our hands, we will do it not just to be safe, but to remind ourselves that we are part of Nature, and not its owners. To wash our hands as a symbol of humbleness. That if we keep going the way we are going in this world of materialism and lack of humanity towards Nature, we should remember what we should never forget: the simple things of life are the best, and you cannot put a price on them. If we don´t do it, we will never learn the lesson, and history will repeat, once again, and all those that are not with us anymore will have given their lives for nothing. I hope that the day we finally are able to take our masks, the words that come from our hearts and souls will be tender, kind, all that is good in this world. To learn to respect and be respected, and to learn to talk with the animals, instead of killing them when there is no need to. Finally, I hope that when the lock-downs are a thing of the past, we will learn to appreciate freedom as we have never done before. Freedom is not an acquired right. It is a choice. Let´s use it wisely, so we will leave a better world for the new generations to come. Think about it.A new year begins, but unfortunately, things will get worst before they get better. The loss of jobs, more poverty, and much more. But as in everything in life, we can now see a light at the end of the dark tunnel. We will reach a safe port. This I know. But I also know that I will never forget how this nightmare started; because if I forget, I will have learned nothing. We should never forget the clean skies, the cities without smog, the oceans as blue as we had never witnessed them before. Nature was able to free itself from us, if just for some months. Did we learn the lesson? At least I did. Do we still have time to learn the lesson and to create a world where we all can live in harmony and respect? I truly believe so. But we have to act now. Will we do it?…at least I will. I hope you will do it too…a dreamer…

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