Since the day I was born, I knew someday I would die.

So I tried to make of my life something beautiful, no matter what.

And I learnt so many things:

That everyone will die

But not everyone will live.

I learnt that everyone will hear

But not everyone will listen

I learnt that existing is a road with no happy ending

And yet living, no matter how much you suffer, is still worth dying for.

I realized that the energy of life is love. Nothing can compare to love.

Love can conquer any obstacle, any pain, any misfortune.

It´s Love that will always give meaning to my life, and yours.

Love your life and you will build your Paradise, here on Earth

I have beaten all my existential fears.

I am finally free.

Playing with the octopuses at night. Serendipity at its best!….a dreamer….

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