Make your dreams come true

“A bird that sings is not always a happy bird.”I discovered this by watching a beautiful bird inside a bird´s cage. I related to him in so many ways! We live surrounded by rules, crystal walls, even trapped in golden cages. One day, surfing in a beautiful beach in the outskirts of Lisbon, in Portugal, the Voice of the Sea, the “Voice of my Heart” made me realize that I had to live the life I was meant to live, regardless of what others might say. So one day I gave everything away, and decided to follow my dreams and live them. I also realized, at least for myself, that life is about doing things, not having things.

And then life made me a writer. Never thought that so many people all over the world would relate to my books. There are millions of people around the world questioning their life-style, asking themselves: Is is worth to work day after day to surround myself with material possessions that in the end will turn me into its slave? So I decided to keep it simple: money can bring peace of mind, but never true happiness.

True happiness comes with the simple things of life: watching a sunset, the smile of a child, having time to smell the roses, but above all, living this wonderful journey called life by following your dreams. You only live once, so live the life you always wanted to live! Free yourself of all the chains that society places around you, spread your wings and fly towards your destiny: find the true purpose of your life. I did it, and never looked back. And I learned that as long as my spiritual life comes before my material life, I will be OK.

If I did it, anyone can do it: Just listen to the voice of your heart… the answers are there! May your dreams come true, always…never let your fears stand in the way of your dreams, never!

With true light…a dreamer.

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