We have all the tools to make of this world a better place for all

I’ve had a wonderful life. 

Looking back to my memories that made me who I am today, I feel blessed. 

Maybe life didn´t give me all I wanted, but definitely all that I needed. I guess my prayer was finally heard. I always followed my dreams, no matter what. Against rain and thunder, and even after falling so many times. The ocean and the mountains have been sole witness of the loneliness I felt, of the sadness that I feel in a world that sometimes I still cannot understand. But I have been lucky, for I have always seen the beauty of life. Yes, there is pain and evil, but there is a thousand more times love and light. You just have to stop to listen to the news and turn off your TV, and act helping those who were not fortunate as I was.

And then it hit us…

We have all seen our world change, maybe forever. I have lost wonderful friends, and the less lucky have lost members of their families. I won´t say more, for each one of us has a story to tell. We never saw it coming. It caught us totally unguard.

It´s been now almost a year since everything stopped. Yet, I see hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Sooner or later we will all heal, and remember those who are not with us anymore. The Sun will shine again, and those who took this dark time to think about the meaning of life and the important things of life will be the ones who will lead us in this brave new world. We will have to re-make ourselves. Learn the lesson. We are not Gods. We are just part of the flow of life. I have taken time to rest, and now, looking at the Sun in the horizon, I know I will reach safe port. I have re-invented myself, for the better. And now I can surely say that, no matter what, I will live every second of my life as if it was the last. This I have learned. Life if a gift from the Universe, but what I do with my life will be my present to the Universe. Life is a gift, not an attained right. Always fragile, beautiful, precious, unique…

Re-invent yourselves. You have all the tools to make of this world a better place for all.

Together we will make this dream come true…a dreamer… 

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