Thanks to all …

…59 years… carrying the heart of an eight-year-old…and still seeing every day the beauty of life as if it was for the first time…I have been blessed…
I just came out from the ocean, diving with thousands of beautiful fish, rays and turtles. I finally sit on the rocks as the sun kisses once again the sea I love so much, and as it happens at least to me, melancholy surrounds it all. I love to feel melancholic, for it takes me to that place where there is only space for the voice of my heart to whisper, and for me to listen. A space and time where there is no noise to be heard.
I remember when I was 36 years old, after having written The Dolphin in a beautiful beach in Portugal, and how this small book changed my life forever, and the life of thousands of others, all those who told me how this small book was the last impulse they needed to get rid of their fears and follow their dreams. And I remember sitting one afternoon, in front of the ocean, thinking: that if it had to leave this world that same day, I would go with a big smile, and that from that day on, every new day would just be a present: you know, like extra-time…
I´ve been a traveler all my life, for it´s there where my heart feels free the place that I will always call home. And thanks to traveling so much, I can say I have seen it all. All my books, true stories with some added fiction that will always be witness and proof of all those faraway lands where I have learned what life is all about.
…59 years…life gave me the present of being alive for another 23 years. And all those extra years still carrying the heart of that 8-year old child I was once, and that I now know I will always be. Extra years where life blessed me with challenges and magical moments, with pain and happiness. But I never expected that the same catharsis I experienced when writing “The Dolphin” would visit me once again to put in a little book words that came straight from my heart. Even the title came from nowhere: “The Messenger.”
And this little book made me realize that my work in this beautiful planet was not yet finished. As with “The Dolphin,” contracts are starting to come from every corner of the world. It is becoming a world-best seller. And again, as I keep traveling, humbleness will be my guide, love will be my baggage, the happiness of others will be the best gift I can receive. And once again I will share with others not as lucky as me what belongs to them, and not to me.
So the journey starts once again, this time not making the same mistakes I made throughout my life; for I have learned.
And as for me, I can only say this: I wish no more. I have finally conquered the fear of fear itself in any situation, and at least for me, it made all the difference in the life I chose to live. I have learned that when you beat the fear of death, that is the exact moment where you start to live without limits. Universal principles, rather than traditions or dogmas. Building your own Heaven on Earth, rather than your own Hell. Always build your own and unique trail.
Just one small advice from a humble heart: you´ll find happiness as you never imagined if you keep your life simple: yet, the trick is to stay simple throughout a lifetime…

Thanks to all of those who followed me through the years, a humble dreamer and a humble messenger of love and light.
Without you, I would be nothing…a dreamer…

2 thoughts on “Thanks to all …

  1. Thank you so much !!


  2. Margrit Pfenninger 15. Sep 2022 — 19:03

    Your books are an enrichment for humanity and ultimately for animals and nature.
    Love, respect and tolerance should be school subjects.
    Thank you so much Sergio Bambaren for your books 📚 that contain so much LOVE and wisdom ❤️.


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